Let’s face it: a large portion of computer use on your school network is non-productive.

But not anymore. Because with NetControl2, you’ll simplify classroom management for teachers, lecturers, IT administrators and training staff.

NetControl2 empowers teachers to instruct and interact with their classroom, and allows IT Managers to monitor PCs in real-time.

The software offers:

  • remote-control of classrooms
  • file sharing and distribution
  • thumbnail view of student monitors
  • dynamic internet blocking / unblocking
  • the ability to run / terminate programs remotely… and much more

With its award-winning interface and incredibly simple installation process, you can have it up and running in an entire classroom in less than an hour.

There’s no difficult configuration required and teachers will feel instantly comfortable using it.


Still not convinced? Then here's our "We Love our Competitors" Guarantee:

"If, after 2 months of using NetControl2, you're not totally, 100%, absolutely satisfied with the results, we'll replace it with a competitor product of your choice instead."

That’s right, if you buy NetControl2 and you’re not happy with it after 2 months, all you need to do is tell us which competitor product you’d like instead, and we’ll replace NetControl2 with that (up to the same value). There’s no hidden catch, and no small print.


Here's what other IT Managers at schools throughout Australia & the world are saying about NetControl2:

  • Invaluable classroom management software, that has given control back to the teachers! It has made teaching our students so much easier, and resulted in a far better classroom environment – we love it!

    Ian Hand, Murraylands Christian College, South Australia

  • NetControl2 has become one of the most important IT tools to allow for a smooth and efficient running of various networking services such as: monitoring student activities, controlling internet usage, and saving time on IT infrastructure for all PC's in the network - without having to get off my seat!

    NetControl2 has proven to be an amazing tool that has become a permanent part of Galstaun College's network.

    Joseph Messiha, Galstaun College, NSW Australia

  • Netcontrol2 has allowed me to focus more on curriculum and teaching, and less on the tedium of managing a computer programming lab. With NetControl2 I can quickly help students, demonstrate, and halt lab activity to address students, all of which were impossible without this wonderful software.

    NetControl2 has become an integral part of my classroom and I highly recommend it, both for its ease of use and low price tag!”

    William D'Angelo, East Meadow High School, NY, USA

Our Guarantee

"If, after 2 months of using NetControl2, you’re not totally, 100%, absolutely satisfied with the results, we’ll replace it with a competitor product of your choice instead."

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Why NetControl2?

Why NetControl2 is your best solution:

  • Simplifies Classroom Management
    so you’ll have control over the classroom and student attention.
  • Better Learning Outcome at your School
    through classroom interaction and collaboration between students and teachers.
  • Increase Teaching Effectiveness
    with the ability to monitor student progress.

How much?

  • SmallClass Edition from just $275
  • Site License: $3,490 (unlimited PCs)
  • District License from $9,990
  • NetControl2 has no Annual Maintenance Fees!
  • For a detailed quote, please contact us.


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NetControl2 is a multiple award-winning software and certified by Softpedia.com.